Writing in the 21st Century

Just finished reading - The Boldest Man in Ballymuir and The Boldest Flame in Ballymuir by Dorien Kelly

I was watching Little Women (the one with Winona Rider) and I marveled at how easy (in some ways!) writers have it today. Jo wrote each manuscript by hand, her fingers were stained with the ink of a fountain pen, and as a woman, she faced discrimination and scrutiny.

Now we have computers that not only help with the writing process, but research, marketing, communication, and design. Websites, twitter, facebook, and book trailers are awesome tools to spread the word about writing and books.

Some technology tools I love?
Old writing technology
Computer (obviously)
Dragon Dictation (app)
IFTTT - feeds website update to facebook/twitter

There are so many that are daily habits, that I'm sure I'm missing many. What is great is they make our job easier, just think of research and how much easier it is to gather facts and ideas and communicate with experts.

That's it according to Maddy~


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