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Weekend Reads with Raven Hudgins


A year ago, Kaelin died. Now, banshee Aislin Gray will do anything to get him back, especially after hearing his voice in strange places. A trip to Hell? Sure. Aislin is not the only one looking for a soul from Hell, though. When Illium comes calling for his end of the deal, Aislin cannot refuse. With her sanity in the balance, Aislin will go through Hell and high water to find her love, even if he is not there.


     Red and orange flames hissed and crackled, flicking out their tongues. Heat bore down from all sides. Everything around me burned and smoldered or burst into little spitfires at each turn of my head. Warmth spread up my skin.
     I crinkled my nose. Even through the shirt I could smell singed hair and flesh. Pain seared up my feet. I jumped from foot to foot, the scent of burning rubber reaching my nose. Shit! My shoes were catching fire. Glancing down, I understood why.
     The floor was made up of cracks and fissures like cooling lava, turning to magma. Yellow and orange slits hissed and sputtered. The ground was literally a minefield of fire and brimstone.

Author Bio: 

Raven Hudgins is from the small town of Mathews, Virginia and lives with her soon-to-be husband and her three cats and dog. When she isn't writing, she is either reading or playing video games. 

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Other Books By Raven:

Aislin Gray has finally turned eighteen, the pivotal moment in a banshee’s life, but with it comes her first Death Call—visions of someone’s death. It isn’t just anyone’s death—it’s Kaelin’s, the human who left so long ago. Now he’s back and Aislin will do anything to keep it that way, even if it means starting a war.

Weekend Reads With Nancy Lee Badger (P.S. And A Give-A-Way)

It's all about the pitch~
Asleep inside a bronze statue, a naked Frenchman wakes a century later to save a half-Fae art museum curator from a demon bent on ruling our present-day world.


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I call it HEAVEN-SENT WARRIOR … Clay, Candy, Love Notes

What Inspired My Novel~
With the help of my sisters, I discovered a nearby treasure trove filled with bronze castings by the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin. I quickly realized I could use the 164 acres of the NC Museum of Art to set my paranormal romance. The most beautiful part of this museum is their outdoor garden with a reflecting pool and an idea hit me…what if demons slipped from that pool? What if warriors slept inside statues, and awakened to fight them? My 24th book, Heaven-sent Warrior, is now a reality.

I have written dozens of stories set in Scotland or with Scottish characters and even a dragon or two, so a French hero might strike you as odd. Rest assured, because I did not totally stray from my love of all things Scottish. My heroine is of Scottish descent and finds out she is actually half Fae. I am working on the second book, titled Heaven-sent Highlander, which will also be released by Soul Mate Publishing. (Yes! More kilts!)

Heaven-sent Warrior Blurb~
Henrí Chevalier's last memory, before stumbling naked into a museum’s moonlit garden, was Auguste Rodin and his dusty Paris studio in 1886. To escape his broken heart, Henrí volunteered to sleep inside a statue until needed. Expecting to die, he discovers he must learn to use the unexpected powers Heaven has given him. Without them he will fail his mission against otherworldly creatures, such as demons and faeries. 

Kenzie Mackintosh, a dedicated art museum's curator, spies a naked man hiding among bronze statues. A quick glance ignites desire within her, but she is too tied-up in work to act on it. Unaware of her fae heritage, their relationship heats up as he disrupts her job. While Henrí tries to process modern buildings, cars, and a broken elevator, a demon attacks and forces Henrí and Kenzie to enlist the aid of her powerful fae relatives. When the demon possesses the body of her ex-lover and threatens to kill him, then use her to take over the world, Henrí and Kenzie must learn to trust each other, even if Kenzie’s death might be the only answer to the world’s salvation.

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Meet Nancy Lee Badger~

Nancy Lee Badger grew up in Huntington on New York’s Long Island. After attending Plymouth State, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education and met and married her college sweetheart. They raised two handsome sons in New Hampshire and when the children had left the nest, and shoveling show became a chore, she retired from her satisfying job as a 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Dispatcher and moved with her husband to North Carolina, where she writes full-time.

Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, and the Triangle Association of Freelancers. She loves to travel and attend Scottish Highland Games and is never far from her laptop. She finds story ideas in the most unusual places.

Connect with Nancy~

Coming Soon! Weekend Reads With Michelle Jean Marie

It's all about the pitch~

When a Stoic earl quite unceremoniously meets a quirky and unpredictable young woman, he isn't quite sure what to make of her. Is she just what he needs in a match, despite his protests otherwise?

Arriving on September 12, 2018


A Man Shattered
Marcus Clayton, Earl of Norbourne, has it all – power, wealth, respect, the freedom of bachelorhood, a woman’s companionship, an infant son. Then in the space of seconds, his world is shattered and a life is lost. Blaming himself for the family tragedy, Marcus Aurelius Clayton adopts the Stoic credo as his new way of life and vows to never again allow a woman to rule his passions.

A Woman Shamed
Miss Christel Fitzwilliam is the daughter of a Waterloo veteran. Her needs are many, her wants few. Her father dotes on her, and her mother despises her because of it. When Christel’s father dies under suspicious circumstances, shame overshadows the family. Christel’s mother blames her for the scandal, and over the years, the scathing words wear down Christel’s resolve, until she too, questions whether she is deserving of a husband.

A Goal Shared
When Christel learns of her mother’s plan to trap Marcus into an unwanted marriage with her younger sister, Christel vows to save the earl from their scheme. Marcus appreciates her concern, but having renounced all passion, is confident he can defeat the plan on his own. A determined and passionate Christel convinces him otherwise and sets out to help him.

But in trying to save the earl, does she put her own reputation at risk, along with her heart?

TEMPTING PASSION is due out September 12, 2018. Meanwhile, if you want a sneak peek at the hero, Marcus Clayton, pick up a copy of TEMPTING FATE (A May 2017 release from SoulMate Publishing), the prequel to TEMPTING PASSION. 

About Michelle~
     First and foremost, I am a writer. And as any writer would understand, while I exist in the real
world, my mind is often preoccupied with the imaginary world. I like to believe I have achieved a comfortable balance between the two, but what writer hasn’t questioned their sanity at one time or another?
    My passion is Victorian England, which is the setting for my novels, as well as the theme for my Internet business, Literary Liaisons. I started writing over 25 years ago, and with a few bumps along the way, finally signed my first contract with Soul Mate Publishing in November, 2016. That first book was TEMPTING FATE, the prequel to TEMPTING PASSION. There are many more novels in the works, and I’m excited to be back in the writing world. Many of them, including TEMPTING FATE, have won or finaled in RWA sponsored contests, including the Golden Heart. TEMPTING FATE also won the 2018 EPIC eBook Award in the Historical Romance Category.
     In my professional world, I am the owner of a Professional Organizing business, Prima by Design, Inc.. It was with utter amazement that I learned one day that I could make a living doing something that comes naturally to me–organizing closets and rooms. The favorite part of my organizing business is helping other writers. I maintain web sites, help schedule blog tours and provide virtual assistant services. Like to learn more? Visit http://www.virtual-liaisons.com.
     I am a member of Romance Writers of America, Chicago-North RWA, International Virtual Assistants Association, National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, NAPO Chicago, and Business Network International.
     For fun, I take long walks, read, and enjoy sudoku puzzles.  And being the Sagittarian I am, I love to travel.  My favorite destination? England, of course!
     In my personal world, I have two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Lisa, two step-children, Samantha and Tommy, and my husband, Steve. Also in our household are three loyal (and crazy) dogs - Raven, a bloodhound/lab mix we adopted eleven years ago, Belde, our pure-bred bloodhound and Juno, our Akita rescue. She would have ended up in a puppy mill were it not for the efforts of the Midwest Akita Rescue Society. Dog rescue is another passion of mine, and I do volunteer work for MARS whenever time permits.
     We live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Years of harsh winters and humid summers have made us yearn for a milder climate for retirement.  We hope to move to a farm so we can raise our own food, and rescue Akitas and mastiffs.

Connect with Michelle~