National Girfriends Network Day

Let's face it, some people think poorly of romance novels. However, what I love about romance novels are the strong heroines.  When I think of role models,  I think of real people, but also, I think of some of my favorite literary heroines. 

Today is the first annual National Girlfriends Network Day.  Why would there need to be such a day? According to the news program I watched this morning, women do not have the strong professional networks that men have. Women are relatively new to the workforce in the scheme of things.  Men are expected to go to work from birth whereas women may go to work for various reasons.

Another aspect of the National Girlfriends Network Day is that there are fewer strong, female role models in the workplace.  The statistics show how there has been a reduction from already low numbers of women in leadership positions in the workplace and government.

Why do I bring all of this up? First, I found it interesting. Secondly, I have two daughters whom I like to think are strong, intelligent individuals.  Thirdly, the role models out there are slim pickings.  Today's fascination with reality television has diluted the strong female leadership in America.

Today's kids list actress and reality show star as their future profession.  How sad is that?  As I think back to some of my favorite role models while growing up there was Amelia Earhart, Goldie Meyer, and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Strong women who accomplished amazing feats.  Then there are my literary role models and heroines - Jane Austen, Any of the Brontes, Clare from the Outlander Series, Kit from the Witch on Black Bird Pond, even Madeline from books about the French orphan.  All characters who have had a lasting impression on me, my reading habits, and even how I write.

Laurel Ulrich said, "Well behaved woman rarely make history" - I love this quote!

A little long winded, but That's it according to Maddy~


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