When Writing

When I write, I am sometimes focused and sometimes scattered. And when I'm scattered, it is so frustrating. I will write a few paragraphs, then become distracted by email, or searching the net, or check out facebook. Sometimes I wonder if I should have a laptop dedicated to writing and keep it bare bones--without internet access. (I have to admit, this makes me nervous)

Then I talk myself out of cutting out the net. Let's face it, I need it to do research, check facts, and search for submission guidelines, contest, and other authors.

So, I have to constantly work on keeping focused. I have remind myself that focused = better work. Focused = complete work. Focused = submitted work.

So I guess I'll have to stop writing while watching the latest reality show, talking with the kids, playing Sorority Life on Facebook, and checking my status?!?!

That's it according to Maddy~


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