The Essense of a Good Story

To me characters are the backbone and meat of a good story. No matter the plot, setting, conflicts or resolutions, if you don't have good--no, great characters, forget it--I tune out. Think of characters as the meat and potatoes. Without those staples, substantial aspects, then your story is not going to engage the reader.

There are many books I have read and because I loved the characters, some of the plot problems weren't as important. Think of some of books you have read. Think of some of the popular stories that may not have great writing or strong plot, but those characters really get under your skin and hopefully into your heart.

I recently read a book in which I kept saying, "Why would he do that? That's not him! Why doesn't she just talk to him? That is soooo out of character!" I did not buy the plot because the people moving it forward failed in their role--failed to engage me as a read--failed to make me care what the heck happened to them.

There are classic characters--some of my favorite are Kit (From the Witch of Blackbird Pond), Jamie and Clair from the Outlander Series), Most Shakespeare characters, Any Jane Austen character, how about Stephanie Plum? I could go on for pages.

Like I said, these characters are so well written that they come alive, we think of them as our friends, we sometimes talk about them as if they are real (Harry Potter, Team Edward, Team Jacob). We love and hate these characters, but the most important factor is that we feel, we are emotional draw and/or entangled with these characters.

So, share some of your favorite characters--and tell me why they are.

That's it according to Maddy~


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