New Year's Resolutions Anyone?

Okay, it's that time of year when everyone starts making New Year's Resolutions. I saw some postings on Facebook of people pre-planning their resolutions and I started thinking about what I would pledge this year.

There are the constants: lose weight (got rid of all the junk food), exercise more (I've joined the Y), etc. But I wanted to dig deeper, really think of things that not only matter to me, but to my family as well.

This year I really want to be more patient, less critical. I want to be more accepting and relaxed. I want to address laundry before it gets to the point no one has clean underwear. So I have taught the kids how to do laundry.

So those ideas have been added to my list and I'll add some more, less Facebook and more writing. Less surfing the net and more writing. Basically, more writing, writing, writing.

What are some of your resolutions? And what are you doing to make sure you stick to them?

Toodles for now~


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