Jane Austen

Jane Austen, the name alone brings to mind empire-waist dresses, Colin Firth, and prose that evokes a time gone by. I work in education and Masterpiece Theater is currently airing all of Jane Austen's film adaptations. They are wonderful, engaging, and timeless. And, a draw for English teachers.

Why? I'm post more on this later, for I'm truly become an Austenite and would love to research more on Jane, her writing, and inspiration. I'll recommend the Jane Austen Society of the United Kingdom for now because let's face it, it's Jane's playing field.

But I wonder, how after all of these years, Jane has endured? Her novels aren't easy for the contemporary reader to consume. They aren't laden with sex and seduction (at least openly, sometimes it takes just a look to stir the fires).

Why do you think Jane has endured? And why do you love/hate anything Jane Austen?

I find that I truly love history and historical characters. I love timeless love that is romantic and suspenseful. I love that an author, without the help of a typewriter or computer wrote 6 novels in 7 years--got published in a decidedly difficult time for female writers, and is still a best seller.

~That's it according to Maddy


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