Cookies, Candy Canes, & Characters

Okay, the holidays are upon us and I'm scrambling to find time to write. While driving through Michigan, Canada, and Western New York, I typed away on my husband's laptop while trying to make sure the kids didn't kill each other in the back seat and spill those damn juice boxes all over the upholstery. Who invented those things anyways? And what child doesn't instantly squeeze the juice box and spill juice all down the front of them? Excuse me, but I've digressed. While balancing the laptop on my lap and typing over pot holes and quick stops, I found I was able to really crank out a good chunk of my story.

I'm working on something new. Something I'm not certain I will ever publish, but something that has me interested in what I'm writing and looking forward to adding to daily. It's fresh and a bit naughty, but does not violate my blush radar. And I really like the main character-strong, independent, with a bit of baggage, sort of a historical Murphy Brown. Okay, so I've just dated myself. But Murphy Brown was one hell of a character.

So as I've added to this story and found surprise elements popping out and adding more layers and interest, I smile and think--wow, I'm writing.

Of the hundreds of books I've read and the numerous writers I've met, and the workshops I've presented, I sometimes question my ability to actually write a coherent sentence. And sometimes I surprise myself.

Okay, I've digressed once again. Wasn't this suppose to be about the holidays and writing? And how I took a U turn and made it into something else isn't surprising considering we have to multi task during our lives and even more so during the holidays.

I've made a goal, write every day. No matter how much. No matter how good. And no matter how late at night I'm adding to new and old stories. I'm writing every day.

So those of you out there, take a pledge with me--write every day. Get those words down, flesh out those characters, twist those plots.

That's it according to Maddy~


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