Weekend Reads: A Rebel and Her Rogue By Susan Varno

Cozy up with a historical romance this weekend!


Susan is offering a FREE COPY of  A REBEL AND HER ROGUE.  (Shady Side of the Law Series, Book 1). Visit https://susanvarno.com/ and sign up for her 4-times a year newsletter, and she will e-mail you a copy of the e-book.



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After Blake thwarts Cassie’s scheme to rob him, he wants to marry the diabolical damsel. Can these two hell raisers tame each other?


Book Blurb 

England, 1815 

Do you like adventure with a dose of fun? 

Cassie Valient tries to scam the scandalous rogue Lord Rayneford out of 600 pounds, which was a lot of money back then. He should be outraged! Instead, he’s intrigued. Since he returned from the War, he suffers terrifying memories. So many died. Why did he survive? This diabolical damsel may be the distraction he needs to get back to living again. 

You’ve heard of beauty taming the beast. Here, both hero and heroine need taming. Cassie and Blake dive headlong into adventure, thwarting blackmail and kidnapping schemes while they enjoy a proper London Season. 

Will their reckless behavior lead to lasting love or deadly danger? Or both?


About Susan

        When I was eleven, I saw Walt Disney’s Peter Pan. The message of the movie is you have to get taller and older, but you never have to give up make believe. And I never have. Later, I realized all my “Wendy Darling” fantasies were romances. I wrote and published romantic short stories for a while. For twenty-five years, I wrote columns and reviews for Video Views Magazine. I’ve seen almost every new movie release, especially romances and anything with a historical setting. 

Historicals have always been my favorite romance genre. Take me to another time, show me how people lived and loved. What intrigues me most is what women had to endure in a male dominated world. How women in the past survived and gained power. My favorite romantic conflict is between a powerful woman and the man who wants to tame her.  


I married the quintessential bad boy and tamed him, though I didn’t mean to. We have two sons. My husband died three years ago. I miss my hero every day. I’ve finished my next book in my series The Shady Side of the Law and have begun the third book in the series.

Connect with Susan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/susan.varno

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Susan-Varno/e/B08CCF8NC3

eMail: svarnoauthor@gmail.com

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