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A Mossad agent falls for a kidnapped American girl. He’s ordered to blow his cover and escape from Iran with her. If he fails—his orders are to kill her.

Escape received 4 -1/2 stars & a Gold Crown review from InD’Tale Magazine and is up for a RONE Award!

Escape, a sexy romantic thriller with a focus on the dangers of a nuclearized Middle East.
When Harvard student, Layla Rose Wallace and her Saudi boyfriend are kidnapped in Dubai and taken to Iran, a deep-cover Mossad agent is activated and given a mission. He must either get Layla out of Iran, or kill her.
            Cyrus Hassani is an assistant to the deputy director of Oghab2, Iran’s secretive intel organization with authority over their nuclear ambitions; he is a Mossad mole, gorgeous, sexy, and dangerous.
            Fiery, auburn-haired, Layla Wallace is an art history doctoral candidate at Harvard when she and her Saudi boyfriend are kidnapped in Dubai and taken to Tehran. As the daughter of a renowned nuclear physicist, she is a perfect target for blackmail. Layla’s kidnapping is about to create an international incident and blow Cyrus’s carefully constructed cover to smithereens.
            When Cyrus first lays eyes on the feisty redhead he knows he’s in trouble. When they are running for their lives, he’s fighting not only a powerful adversary who’s vowed to destroy him for his treason, but an impossible attraction to a woman he’s struggling to resist.
Their escape from Iran seems impossible as all routes close, with their hunters in hot pursuit.             
Cyrus must overcome not only deadly assassins, but the passions that have lain dormant within his cold heart from years of living under a false identity.
            Can Cyrus and Layla survive and escape from Iran? Can a spy and a student find love? Time is running out.

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Website:   http://belleami.us

Meet Belle!
Tema Merback writing as Belle Ami believes “Dreams do come true”.  As a mother and wife, she dedicated herself to her family and loved every minute of it. One day, like Sleeping Beauty, she
awoke to find gourmet cooking and being a classical pianist wasn’t enough, she needed to reinvent herself. So, she brushed away the cobwebs and locked herself in a room and spent a year writing a historical novel which, low and behold, was a Finalist for a national book award. Her first author incarnation was born.
When she read Fifty Shades of Grey, her world tilted. Like a laser beam focusing on a target, she had found her passion: Sexy, steamy, romantic suspense. Hence came a second incarnation and a fitting nom de plume, Belle Ami. A quote that Belle considers her mantra is by Wilferd Peterson, “Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve.”
She is a Kathryn McBride scholar of Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. She lives in California with her husband, two children, three dogs, and horse.
She is the author of The Only One series, The One (#1), and The One & More (#2). Her third in the series titled One More Time is Not Enough, was published July 13th, 2016. She was honored to be included in the RWA LARA Christmas Anthology Holiday Ever After featuring her short story The Christmas Encounter. Her next series entitled The Tip of the Spear begins with Escape, published January 10, 2017. The sequel to Escape, entitled Vengeance, is being edited now and will be released in 2017.


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