Experiment Series

I've ventured into a new venue of writing for young adults. I love this genre and read it as much as possible. It does help that I have a house full of teenagers and focused on adolescent literature as I completed my Master's Degree. I'm looking forward to sharing these stories with everyone.


Experiment in Popularity 
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Kara's life has been irrevocably changed. After the death of her parents, Kara moves to a new state, new town, and new school. For a self proclaimed science nerd, this is the perfect opportunity to reinvent herself. Only Kara finds that popularity isn't what it's cracked up to be and now it may be too late for her to be herself.

Experiment in Kissing
Ally Walker is living the life of a fraud. She created the wildly popular website - Experiment in Kissing and she has never been kissed. Why not? She just doesn't trust guys, not when they try to go too far and spread rumors about her. Add that to the fact her family life is the opposite of perfect she needs to find a way to learn to trust and fix her parents marriage, especially after she is very publicly dumped and her true self is exposed.

Experiment in Boyfriends
Izzy Parks knows what boy is the "right" type of boy. Smart, well mannered, and from a good family. Problem is, Izzy has fallen head over heals in love with the "wrong" type of boy. Her over-protective parents can't know she's pretending to date their idea guy while she's dating her kinda guy. Just as they can't know she had a popular YouTube show that mimics The Dating Game. The risk is exhilarating until a tragic accident has Izzy re-evaluating who she is, why she defies her parents, and if she really does like the "right" kind of guy.

"So, fall asleep love, loved by me... for I know love, I am loved by thee."
Robert Browning