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Forced to choose between a greedy banker and a con-artist cowboy, what’s a desperate cowgirl to do?

On a normal day, Stormy Hawkins would never hire a handsome, down-on-his-luck cowboy. She’s learned the hard way that she’s happier working alone. But, she needs help. The ruthless banker who holds the mortgage on her ailing father’s ranch just demanded payment in full—or her hand in marriage. Betrayed by his greedy ex-fiancĂ©e and humiliated in front of his high-society family, Blade Masters has spent five long years remaking himself into a cowboy. Now, if he closes just one more land deal, he’ll have enough savings to buy a spread of his own, where he can live alone and bury the shards of his shattered heart. The Hawkins ranch looks like a perfect target until he witnesses bruises on Stormy Hawkins’ neck and vows to protect the feisty redhead—whether she likes it or not. pitch line: Forced to choose between a greedy banker and a con-artist cowboy. Both covet her land. Both claim to love her. What’s a desperate cowgirl to do?

Author Bio: 
Ana Morgan began her writing career by writing succinct cooking directions for Secret
Garden soup mixes. She graduated to lyrical essays about living on a small organic farm for her CSA’s weekly newsletter. What she really wanted to write was what she loved to read on cold winter nights—passionate romance novels. Besides a vivid imagination, she has some experience. She and her husband eloped six weeks after they met and moved from southern California to northern Minnesota. They taught themselves how to milk cows (at first by hand), and raised three go-getter children. Ana is an editor for a regional literary publication and currently serves as president of From the Heart Romance Writers.

Connect with Ana:
Website: http://anamorgan.net/
Twitter: @anamorgana
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authoranamorgan/


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