Reading Addicts Tour! The Infertile Heart: The Doctors of Atlanta by BK Harrell

Contemporary Romance

Dr. Lincoln Montgomery is a man who has lost everything but longs to find a connection to someone who he can share his life with, but he fears he will never find the love again that he lost.

The hero of my recently completed novel, The Infertile Heart, has finally found the woman who can complete him, but will their past prevent them from having a future. Set in Atlanta, GA, this character driven story is a 112,257-word contemporary romance. Adventuresome and sensual, the book weaves a story of love and loss, lies and truth, and the story of two people learning to love again even though the trials and tribulations they face will stack the cards against them.

An overachiever, Dr. Lincoln Montgomery is a Noble Prize winning billionaire who has spent his life giving others what he could not give to others. Losing his brother to cystic fibrosis he was driven to find a cure for the gene mutation that took his life. Even given his success, he could not prevent the death of his wife and unborn child to a drunk driver and spent the last three years mourning their passing and trying to find a way back. A chance meeting plunges Lincoln back into the dating pool with the one woman he thinks could fertilize his infertile heart.

Dr. Nicole Harris is a physical therapist who has struggled with the decisions she made as a teenager. Drugged and raped by her date at 14, Nicole ended up pregnant and gave her child up for adoption in order to ensure that she would have a good life. Finding the perfect family that would keep Nicole abreast of Aubrey’s developments was fear number one priority. Having given up on love and finding someone who would appreciate her for the woman that she was, Nicole had grown to be. Feeding her love of golf and football, Nicole meets Dr. Lincoln Montgomery. Could Lincoln be the one to fertilize her long dormant infertile heart.

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