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     A big thanks to Madelyn for inviting me to her blog and giving me a chance to highlight my three-generation novel, THE HOUSE ON THE DUNES.

     Writers often say that a book they've written is "The book of my heart." This is probably mine, given that it grew from my own questions about my mother's life. It was only after her death that I realized how reticent she'd been in sharing her real feelings on anything of importance. Of course I knew details that anyone could know: where she'd been born, her age, her abilities as a talented violinist and artist, that she liked to cook - but I realized, sadly, that I hadn't been privileged to know what she really cared about. And I began to wonder: what if she had had a life far different that I could imagine? What if she'd had a secret love? Even (Heaven forbid) a love child? Was her reason for being so private that there were things in her past she didn't want known? That even my father hadn't known? And so, THE HOUSE ON THE DUNES was born.

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Here's a short summary:
Surprised by inheriting spectacular emeralds and a lavish home on Lake Michigan, Olivia Hobart is compelled to uncover the secrets of her mother’s past. Ignoring her controlling husband’s wishes, she moves into Dunes House to learn what has been concealed. But her efforts are complicated by dangerous incidents and withheld information. Is the old caretaker really blameless or the possessor of long-held secrets? Is her handsome neighbor romantically interested in her or only attempting to gain access to what has he sees as his rightful estate? Dunes House holds the answers…but will learning the truth bring to light an affair that could cost Olivia the only life she has ever known?

Nancy Sweetland has been writing since the age of 13 when she received her first rejection slip and determined to become a published writer. She’s the author of seven picture books, novels for middle grade readers, and a chapter book mystery for young readers. Along with many short stories for juveniles and adults, she’s written two murder mysteries, “The Spa murders” and “The Virgin Murders,” and three adult romances, “The Door to Love,” “Wannabe,” and “The Countess of Denwick.” She lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin and loves to hear from readers.

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See her website at http://NancySweetlandWrites.com
Newsletter signup: nancysweetland@gmail.com.
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