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Please welcome Carly Jordynn talking about the most Wonderful Busy Excellent Time of Year and her newest newest novel Forest of the Mist: Awakening.

It’s the Most Wonderful Busy Excellent Time of the Year
Yes, I am THAT person. I’m that annoying person who has the Christmas countdown from 99 days and down to THE DAY. I can’t help it, I love Christmas, the season, the meaning behind it, the food, the gifts, the sharing, and the laughter.
The season kicks in at Thanksgiving for me. Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful for all our blessings, families, and friends. The biggest shopping day of the year follows and then the Christmas season really gets going. There are parties to plan, food to prepare or buy if you are like me J, and presents to shop for. I love finding that special gift that someone will just adore. I get excited seeing the joy on their faces. Don’t get me wrong . . . I love the getting part too it’s just that I enjoy the giving more.
Christmas is also a very stressful time of year for all the reasons listed above. There is an extra strain on finances. My day job has the end of the year crunch so tension mounts daily to get all the work done. To add even more worry, try being an author too. You have edits, blogs, writing, all in preparation for the next book release. Lastly, let’s not forget about all the added activities for the kids. By time New Year’s rolls around, I am ready for a mini-vacation.
By mid-January, I’m back on my regular schedule and energized for all the possibilities and opportunities the New Year has to offer. So, readers, I hope you have a joyous Christmas season with your family and friends. By the way, books make a great gift. Just saying. . .
Forest of the Mist: Awakening Blurb:
ALEX McGUIRE never dreamed his life would take such a turn. His plan to complete college, become a lawyer, and marry his girlfriend, LILY LAVERY, tanked following his kidnapping to the alternate realm known as Paradise Valley. Now Alex has been ordered by a dead man, DAVID KYLE, to marry his young wife, JENNIFER BURKE KYLE, and raise their infant son, DAVY KYLE, as his own. That would be a great plan if it weren’t for the fact that Jennifer is still in a coma, has never met him, and her son has some strange attributes too.

JENNIFER BURKE KYLE woke from the coma to the realization that she was a widow and the mother of a young son who could read minds, create portals to an alternate realm, and have unforeseen growth spurts when he is in or near Paradise Valley. As if that wasn’t enough, a complete stranger has stated he is to marry her and raise her son as his own. All on the order of her dead husband, David.

DAVY KYLE was tickled pink that Alex McGuire would be his Dad and couldn’t wait for his mother to wake from the coma so the wedding could take place. What Davy didn’t see, was the trouble in the form of PRI, otherwise known as the Percival Research Institute. PRI agents were after his family and it was going to be up to Davy to hide them all until it was safe.

Together, Alex, Jennifer, Davy, and their friends from Paradise Valley, must join together to keep the family safe, destroy PRI, and protect the still comatose COLIN O’BRIEN, the last member of their Paradise Valley family. With the help of student nurse, DEANA COOK, they may just succeed in their plan and find happiness along the way.

Hello Carly!
Carly Jordynn is a writer from Northern Kentucky who loves to weave tales of fantasy, paranormal, and romance. When she isn’t writing a book, she writes lyrics for the Christian band, Phil Parks and One Step Closer.
Carly loves to travel. You can find her at various conferences and other author events throughout the year. Her hobbies include: travel, photography, reading, party-planning, dinner with friends, and hanging out with her family.
Carly is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

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