Conflict - the backbone of any story

Every story needs conflict, especially emotion or internal conflict to create a realistic friction between the budding romance of the hero and heroine.

Most times, conflict is the irony of the story. I love to use movie examples because I'm a huge movie buff.

Here are some examples of some famous irony situations in films:
You've Got Mail - He has put her out of business- the business her mother created and she has nurtured. The business was part of her life, an emotional tie to those in her life and the community. He is in business to make money and doesn't care about the little businesses.

While irony is important, there still needs to be redeeming qualities for any hero and heroine. There must be a reason the reader is cheering for them to settled the conflict and get together. In You've Got Mail, we see insight to Tom Hank's character in the emails that dig deeper into character and see his emotional and sensitive side. Obviously we love the heroine and we see her emotions because she wears them on her sleeve.Then we see how the emails have given him insight to her character and he uses that in order to win her heart.

Conflict escalates the risk. The risk for the hero and heroine to realize how the conflict is affecting their lives and relationship. If they can realize the risk and find resolution, then there can be a relationship.

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What movie do you think shows the best conflict between the hero and heroine?

That's it according to Madelyn ~

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