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Ahhh Spring. . .That magical time of year when the snow slowly melts away and the earth begins to green and flowers sprout.  In the northeast we endure horrid winters and spring is a time of cleansing and rebirth! ~ Madelyn Hill

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Book Blurb!

Mike and Liz Keeny are newlyweds, new parents, and the proprietors of the Barrett Inn, an 1875 Victorian on Cape Cod, which just happens to be haunted. By their own ghosts. The Inn had become an annex of Purgatory, putting Mike, Liz, and their infant son in danger. Selling the historic seaside bed and breakfast was the only answer, one that Liz and her own tortured specter refused to consider. Were they doomed to follow the same path that led to disaster in their previous lives? Was getting out, getting away, enough?

Meet Carole!

Carole Ann Moleti is a nurse-midwife in New York City, thus explaining her fascination with

paranormal and urban fantasy that infuses everything she writes. The Widow's Walk is her newest fiction. Excerpts from her urban fantasy novels have appeared in several of the Ten Tales anthologies. Segments of Carole's memoirs, Someday I'm Going to Write a Book: Diary of an Urban Missionary and Karma, Kickbacks, and Kids range from the sweet and inspirational in A Quilt of Holidays and the Shifts Anthology to the edgy and irreverent in Not Your Mother's Book: On Being a Woman and On Parenting.

What Carole Loves About Spring!
Carole loves the change of seasons, and after this long, cold snowy winter she can't wait for the tulips and daffodils--and longer, warmer days. Gardening is one of her favorite hobbies. Then after Spring comes Summer—and the beach!


The Widow's Walk http://www.amazon.com/Widows-Walk-Carole-Ann-Moleti-ebook/dp/B00PHYCLHY

Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts http://www.amazon.com/Haunted-Ghosts-Fantasy-Horror-Stories-ebook/dp/B006PW4TNG

Amazon Author Page:  http://www.amazon.com/Carole-Ann-Moleti/e/B007ASNBVK

Blog: http://caroleannmoleti.blogspot.com

Website: http://caroleannmoleti.com

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  1. Thanks for having me today, Maddy! The birds were singing yesterday morning but it's snowing and cold today again in NYC.


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