Introducing Author Em Kaye!

At Your Service
by: Em Kaye

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Book Blurb:
Sydney Stewart had turned doing favors for friends into a growing business.  Putting a bad relationship behind her, she was determined to guard her heart the next time around.

Desmond Butler was everything Sydney would want - if she were looking for a man - except she wasn’t.  Plus he had this one flaw; could she look pass his habit of spanking her whenever he thought she was naughty?

Meet Em Kaye:
     Em Kaye is a good girl, who has always dreamed of being bad.  She grew up writing stories to express herself.  An avid people watcher, she uses her imagination to make up stories about their lives.    
     Getting her love of reading from her parents and sister, she just keeps buying more bookcases to hold her many books.  Even still, Em has stacks of books everywhere. And that doesn’t include all the books downloaded on her Kindle!
     Putting her theory that everyone needs to step up, she volunteers for several organizations.
     She got her Bachelor’s Degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing from Empire State College.
     Em lives in Upstate New York with her cat, Fiona and various visiting wildlife that keep her and the cat entertained. 

Connect to Em Kaye:
 Twitter: @EmEmkaye

I hope you enjoyed meeting Em Kaye! 


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