Writing Process Blog Hop!

I was tagged by a fellow Soul Mate Author to talk about the writing process by Elle Hill to keep the blog hop going!

Each author has a different process, I hope you enjoy reading about my writing process.

1. What are you working on right now? 

 I am currently deep in edits with a Scottish historical called Heather In The Mist. I'm getting it ready to send to my publisher. This is one of my first manuscripts that has always held a special part of my heart. I love the heroine, who is spirited and the hero who is heavy with conflict, but so endearingly handsome.  Heather In The Mist is set in the Highlands with some mystery, drama, political strife, and of course romance.  I'd you like to see some of my inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board for HITM.

2. How does your work differ from others in the genre? 

I feel that each author has a specific voice the lends to a uniqueness in their writing. I love description, but I don't want heavy doses just dumped into the story. I try to intermingle the descriptions in dialogue, setting, etc.  I also like to have something unique in regards to my characters. In my debut novel, Wolf's Castle, the heroine dabbled in alchemy a decidedly unfeminine hobby for a young lady.  In HITM, the heroine Rogan assists her father with leading the clan because her mother is ill. Again, unusual for the time period and setting.  I remember when I first joined a writing group, I was clueless about POV and GMC. I had just written my stories the way they came into my head. I feel there may be too many rules to writing and it can stilt the writing process. For example, the number of POVs, there should be a kiss at this point, there should be sex at this point. I like to let the story unfold and then make it industry acceptable.

3. Why do you write? 

 I have always been an avid reader. If you asked my parents I've always had an avid imagination and would try to act out the stories I read. When I was old enough, I started jotting little stories and the writing bug never went away. I feel that if you are a writer, no matter if you goal is publishing, you will write no matter what. You have to. The stories are in you mind and they have to get out. The love of the process and exploration of plot, characters and setting drives writers whether they want to be the next best seller or create stories that are just your own.

4. What is your process? 

I have a couple different processes depending on if the story is yelling at me to be written or if I have to pull it from my mind kicking and screaming. I have plotted stories out using a whiteboard and sticky notes. This is a long process and I think in my case it took a lot out of me. I almost over plotted and lost the passion for the story. I am more of a pantser in regards to writing. I come up with a title or a story, immediately set out researching (so much easier with the Internet) and start getting the story down.  I like to just write the story and then go back and edit and move things around. There are times when I write and go back to that chapter and edit, edit, edit. But this seems to slow me down and I think too much pre-editing can kill the natural creative process. 

I do use technology when writing. I have a couple of Apps (Dragon Dictation) on my iphone in which I can speak and it will type out what I am saying.  This is great for long car rides and when I get a sudden blast of inspiration. I also have an App (Notability) on my iPad in which I can hand write using my finger or a stylist. This is helpful when I don't have Internet access, I can also speak into this App, but it is an oral dictation and doesn't type out words. I'm completely in love with Pinterest in which I create boards of writing and to be writing stories. The visuals help me pull more from my writing so I can truly describe what I want the reader to see.

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  1. Maddy, this is so interesting and inspirational! I love the idea of having Pinterest to display our inspirations.

    Yes, I know the pain of overplotting! When I was a younger lassie, I used to plot so much I'd literally wear out the inspiration bug and never be able to write more than 30-50 pages before moving on. I leave lots of space for pantsing now. :)

  2. I have to admit, I'm a Pinterest addict!


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