Release Day is finally here!

After what seemed like a long wait, but it really wasn't, my historical novel, Wolf's Castle has been released by Soul Mate Publishing.

I'm so exited to be able to share this story with everyone. Wolf's Castle is a historical novel set in Scotland with Gothic elements. I love a Gothic hero--dark, tortured, and vulnerable. Add that wonderful hero to a passionate and sweet heroine and you have a romance you won't be able to put down.
Love the Cover!

Back cover blurb~

Can he forget the past and embrace the future?
He’s the beast of Lomarcan Castle. Tortured, angry, and bound and determined not to allow Vivian Stuart to invade his lair. Lord Galen Maclean refuses to be endeared to the lovely woman who has landed on his island looking to study alchemy. The island possesses secrets, secrets too horrid to share with the gentle woman. However, her beguiling nature brings light to the darkness of the castle and the few quirky inhabitants and edges into his heart.

Can she tame the beast within him to gain his love?
She was stranded on a remote island, her father dead and dishonored by her betrothed. Still, the lovely Vivian Stuart wears her heart on her sleeve and strives to redeem Lord Maclean. She knows his heart is good and the castle can be filled with love. Through science she learns more about the troubled lord and slowly but surely, the torture lord's icy heart begins to thaw as Vivian shares the magical healing power of love.

I'd love to hear how you like Vivian and Galen's love story. Drop me an email, follow me on facebook, or tweet me a message.

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