The Waiting Game

Waiting to hear back from editors and agents can be a draining task.  I recently sent out a proposal in which the editor received but said it would be 6 months before they responded.  6 MONTHS!!! Torture, pure torture. 

So, I sent off the second book in the series just be ahead in the game.  But I'm not putting all of my eggs in one basket, I'm sending elsewhere and will pursue agents as well.

One that that has gotten easier in regards to submitting proposals is that most are electronic. You don't have to print out all of those pages, go to the post office, make sure you have a SASE. Nope, just a click of a button and you're set.

For my adolescent series I'm going the agent route. Adolescent novels have taken off since the debut of Harry Potter and now with Twilight and Hunger Games, the genre has changed. Books are grittier, violent, appeal to adults and children. It's interesting how a genre that includes Little House On The Prairie can shift so much.

That's it according to Maddy~


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