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I know I have written about books to movies, but some friends and I were talking recently about one of our favorite character-Stephanie Plum. I'm so curious to see how Katherine Heigl does in the role of Stephanie. I've seen some pictures and with her hair dyed dark brown, she kinda looks like the what I expect Stephanie to look like.

Don't we all do that? Envision characters and then when they are cast in a movie, we cry outrage? I guess that is why I love books so much. I get to cast the characters with the help of the writer and their imagination-descriptions, actions, and story.

Sherri Sheppard = Lula = Genius
Debbie Reynolds = Grandma Mazur = I can live with this choice
Patrick Fischler = Vinnie Plum = Perfectly smarmy and creepy
Jason O'Mara = Joe Morelli = Confusing, isn't he really Irish?
Daniel Sunjata = Ranger = Not beefy enough (was The Rock unavailable)

They may all surprise me. Sunjata may be the best option for Ranger. I guess I just picture him as this huge man, sexy, rough, but with a soft spot for Stephanie. And O'Mara? He is not even remotely Italian looking. I've heard some people wanted Mark Wahlberg for the role - now that would be inspired.

Well, I guess I have complained enough. I'm very excited for the movie. Truly! I am! I love the characters and want to see them brought to life. And I know that with Evanovich's witty writing, the movie is going to be great.

That's it according to Maddy~


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