When Hype is Just Hype

I read book reviews so that I can get a feel for what others are saying about certain books. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't. I recently read a book review published in a popular entertainment magazine and was captivated. The reviewer said she actually cried twice while reading the book--TWICE. Wow, if that isn't good praise, then what is? The reviewer waxed on and on about the writer and how perfect this debut author's writing evoked the setting, characters, and emotion. So, I said to myself, I have to read this book. I stopped by my favorite book store (hint, hint the initials are B & N), bought the book and read it.

I liked the book, it was good, the voice of the author was strong and you can tell, she wrote what she knew--which was the Appalachian Mountains. But I kept waiting for the brilliance. In my oh, so humble opinion, I felt the narrative choppy. The point of view switched from one character to another frequently and I had to re-read a few parts for clarification.

I don't mean to be harsh, but when I pay $24.99 for a book that is tagged as a brilliant debut, I expect a brilliant debut. Out of respect for the author, I won't state the title. However, has this happened to you? Let us know.

That's it according to Maddy~


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