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In many of the workshops I present, I talk about "writer's tools" and "writer's toolbox". I feel that with each bit of knowledge we build a repertoire of contacts, skills, and tips. This post will be filled with some information that writers can use and keep in their toolbox.

Romance Writers of America - The queen of all RWA writing chapters and a great resource for all writers no matter your expertise.

2008 Writer's Market - a resource that is valuable past it's year because address and phone numbers rarely change. If an editor leaves a house, it is still fine to call and see who takes their place. -- However, for a resource that is updated frequently, here's the url Literary Market Place

Association of Authors' Representatives - Looking for an agent? Go here to check them out and see if they belong.

Guide to Grammar and Style - Need grammar help--this is the site to use!

Trying to up your writing output? - This page tracker located on the home page of my website and created by Kresley Cole is a wonderful tool to use and push yourself for maximum output (directions are on tab #1).

Favorite blogs I visit often:
BookEnds Literary Agency
L.Perkins Agency - Jenny Rappaport
Knight Agency

If you have any other resources, please add them in a comment.

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  1. How about the writer's notebook. I just realized the importance of this tool and started using it.

    Terry Finley


  2. Terry, You are so right. I'll add it. Thanks


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