New Year's Resolution

2008 is nearly upon us and many of us will create a list of New Year's Resolutions that will help us improve our daily efforts. Popular resolutions: lose weight, exercise more, watch spending habits~ there are so many.

Of course as a writer, I want to write more, submit (to publishers) more, enter contest, and focus on my career more.

As with many resolutions, they go to the way side around January 15th. How can we stick with our resolutions? I think planning, not being afraid of failure, and lists can help. Each year I create a list of what I have accomplished for 2007 and then I create a list of what I want to accomplish in 2008. So, when I look at the list I made last year, I can check off what I completed and it is truly interesting. I think we actually accomplish more than we realize, but don't see it because it isn't documented.

What is your New Year's Resolution? Writing or otherwise.

That's it according to Maddy~


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