I just returned from the RWA conference and had a great time. Not only did I get to catch up with some of my writing friends, but I was able to network with other writing professionals and meet with editors and agents.

What I love most about the conference is the level of professionalism and organization. What better way to meet those who think as I do in terms of plot, story, and characters? There were several spotlights that really helped me view my writing critically and see how improvements can be made. My dream is there, the dedication is there, and now I need to get the ball rolling and really push my work out there.

One nice aspect was that a few people recognized my name. I've taught many workshops both at the RWA conference and within the chapters I belong to, as well as tried to get my name out there. It was nice to hear and I hope the trend continues.

The FF & P Gathering and the workshop I presented went off without a hitch and we really had a great time with fantastic food, gift baskets (Thank you Meri!), agent & editor chats, and contest wins.

I really can't wait for the next one in San Fransisco!

That's it according to Maddy~


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