Historical Romances

Ahh, the lure of a Celtic romance with a touch of Highlander, a smidgen of auburn-haired heroine, and the possibility of love.

Heather In The Mist - Published by Soul Mate Publishing
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Lady Rogan Cameron fights for the right to choose her husband, yet finds herself betrothed to two men in a matter of a fortnight. Sir Ian Albright wants nothing to do with Scotland or the bewitching Lady Rogan. At every turn, he fights the growing attraction while he helps Clan Cameron find the infidels who have stole from the clan and injured men. Together they work to save the clan, while their hearts become more entwined they find fighting their love for each other may prove futile. Reviews! Heather In The Mist Review

“Remember, lasses. Through Hope, Faith, and Honor, ye can rule,” were the last words Lady Hope MacAlister’s father spoke before dying. Those very words direct her every action and thought. Sword fighting and leading the men of her clan was second nature to Hope and she has little time for herself or any thoughts of love. Until Aidan MacKerry is captured spying on the clan.

She is beautiful, strong, and quick to pull a sword. But when he kisses her, all thoughts of the lairdship Aidan MacKerry seeks flee his mind. When the enemy continues to undermine Hope, Aidan is determined to aid her—only he didn’t think he’d lose his heart to the Laird of Wild Thistle Keep. When the enemy reveals Aidan’s secret, he must fight for his right to be laird and prove, despite their differences, he loves Hope.

The enemy refuses to back down and continues to threaten not only Hope, but the security of the entire clan. Only together will they be able to save the clan and save their love.

Wolf's Castle -  Published by Soul Mate Publishing
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Vivian Stuart has lived a sheltered, but charmed life with her father studying alchemy, a decidedly unfeminine hobby. Lord Galen Maclean lives under a burden of guilt for his father's untimely death and the sudden intrusion of Vivian when she washes up on shore of his island. Her innocence is everything Galen is not. Yet, Galen's icy heart begins to thaw as Vivian shares the magical healing power of love.  
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For the Love of a Gypsy - Published by Soul Mate Publishing
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Torn between love and the duty to protect her secrets, Gypsy Martine Petrulengo fights her attraction to Lord Declan Forrester. Accused of a heinous crime, Lord Declan Forrester is a man trying to prove his innocence and can't allow his heart to fall for the beguiling Martine. Together Martine and Declan fight injustice and prejudice as they fall in love despite the forces working against them.

The Lace Maker -
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Bronwyn Callaghan is an orphan trying to make her way in the world. She works magic as she creates beautiful lace. Lord Padraic McKenna hides the pain of his past well, but he can't hide how he feels for the beguiling Bronwyn Callaghan.  She has bewitched him with her innocence and beauty and now he must convince her that a Lord and a shop girl can live happily ever after.

“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope...I have loved none but you.”

― Jane Austen, Persuasion