Spanish Series

The Spanish Conquest
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The Spanish Conquest is a sensual, short contemporary set in Spain and Texas, featuring the dependable Elena García Ramiréz who has been burned by an unfaithful fiancé and flees from Texas to the comforting embrace of her close family. Handsome, Texan businessman Will Connolly has broken more engagements then should be legal—he strives to find the woman who can fill the void of family in his heart, so he heads to Spain and meets the lovely Elena a woman who can give him a run for his money.

The Spaniard's Proposal
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The Spaniard’s Proposal is sensual and set in England and Spain between English photograph Catherine "Cat" Reedsworth, who happens to be a rich girl and a Spanish ship builder Marco García Ramiréz who breaks through her secrets to reveal that their love is strong enough for a second chance.

A Spaniard's Love
A Spaniard's Love is a sensual romance set in Barcelona, Spain and Milan, Italy between feisty clothing designer Pilar García Ramiréz and relentless businessman Michael Leonardo. Both have strong ideas as to how the romance should progress--Pilar is looking for fun--Michael is looking for the future mother of his children. Sparks fly whenever they are together, just as their stubborn natures refuse to compromise their desires. That is until Michael learns to wean Pilar away from the business long enough to show her how important family is and how Michael wins the Spaniard's love. 

   "Love comforteth like sunshine after rain." William Shakespeare